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Mineral Spheres

Rikoo offers world's largest selection of mineral, rock, crystal and gemstone spheres.
Spheres / balls are the most simple, pure, and beautiful form in stone collection.

1.4'' Malachite Carved Crystal Sphere, Crystal Healing
The Biggest Pietersite Sphere, in the World
TITAN 13.0'' Red Jasper Sphere, Crystal Ball
STUNNING Huge 5.4'' Ocean Jasper Sphere, Crystal Ball

Rikoo maintains a stock of over 400 types of beautiful minerals, including nearly all the notable crystals and gemstones in the world: clear rock quartz crystal, amethyst, citrine, ametrine, rose quartz, smokey quartz, rutilated quartz, agate, onyx, carnelian, chalcedony, jasper, calcite, corundum, sugilite, obsidian, rhodonite, rhodochrosite, larima, jade, emerald, opal, ruby, moonstone, tourmaline, bloodstone, tiger's eye, amber, turquoise, lapis, geode, pyrite, malachite, ammolite, fluorite, aventurine, labradorite, amazonite, aragonite, and many, many more. Because of our large stock, and exclusive relationships with mineral/stone suppliers worldwide, we are unrivaled in quality with certain types of stones, Tiger's Eye and Pietersite, for example. At Rikoo we have people whose only job is searching for these stones worldwide. We even have our own purchasing agents in Brazil, South Africa, Australia and Madagascar, which have rich mineral mines.

Rikoo has many years of experience making mineral & gemstone spheres. All of our spheres are hand carved from raw, living stones. We invite you to compare the quality of spheres ordered from us with those found elsewhere- we are positive that you will find our spheres generally superior in all aspects (symmetry, polish, displaying the most beautiful parts of the stones). Through years of refining our carving and polishing skills, we are confident that we offer the highest quality spheres.

Mineral & gemstone spheres have come a long way from the fortuneteller's "crystal ball", appealing to more and more people every day. From the rock collector, to the lapidary enthusiast, to the metaphysician, to just the average person; mineral spheres have a universal appeal. The simple sphere, so difficult to perfectly create, displays the beauty and nuances of the material it is carved from unlike any other form. Once carved and polished into a perfect sphere, minerals, gemstones, crystals, rocks, and even common, ordinary stones acquire a beauty and appeal not found in the 'raw' stones. From the feel of the sphere in the hand, to the color and beauty of the perfectly polished material easily appreciated from all 360 degrees, the appeal of the sphere is easy to understand.

Another appeal of mineral spheres is that you can have spheres of all sorts of rock, mineral, and gem materials, even rocks packed with fossils. You can collect meteorite spheres, gemstone spheres (if you can afford them), and spheres made from ordinary rocks. Spheres can be colorful, rare and made from almost any type of rock or mineral. The colors and variety of the materials used make the spheres so appealing and eye-pleasing.

Collecting mineral & gemstone spheres, especially those made from rare or highly valued stones, is a wise financial investment. Collections may greatly appreciate in value even in a short time, given the ever-increasing rarity and non-renewable nature of the naturally occurring materials they are carved from. Rarely, if ever, will the value of mineral spheres go down. By their very nature, as time passes, their value rises.

Mineral spheres are good topic pieces. Imagine you have many spheres in your home or office. Everyone visiting your home or office will be impressed by what they see. From the origins of the materials used to create them, to the rarity of the stones, to the beautiful patterns and colors found in them, to the lapidary skill needed to create them, to the simple beauty of the form of the sphere itself; mineral sphere collections are sure to provide endless hours of conversation and interest for those who own or see the collections.

Our spheres range in size from marbles to giant globes impossible for one person to lift. New spheres are added constantly at this site. You will see new spheres here every week. In default, all spheres are listed at this site by the time when they are added. So the newest are placed the first. And you can sort the spheres appearing below or on other pages by different metrics (price or time the spheres were listed) by clicking the button on the top right of the sphere listing area.

Recommended reading: Collecting In The Round, Appealing to lapidary and mineral lovers, by Robert Williams. Rock & Gem magazine, June 2000.


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