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About Us

A glance at Rikoo

  1. Specializes in unique, original and amazing works.
  2. Stocks and works with nearly all well-known gemstones.
  3. Interviewed by eBay as one of the most prestigious US eBay sellers in 2007.
  4. Started Skullis: the current leader in the world of crystal skulls.
  5. Started BestPietersite, which owns over 80% of the world's high end pietersite.
  6. Offers the largest selection of crystal & gemstone spheres worldwide.
  7. Offers the most stunning gemstone sculptures to be found anywhere.
  8. Nearly 20,000 positive feedback ratings at eBay alone.

Rikoo was established back in January, 2004, when all we had was a gorgeous supply of tiger's eye and a few dedicated lapidary artists to carve and polish the stones. Currently, we employ over 40 artists, and stock and work with nearly all well-known precious and semi-precious gemstones, crystals, and minerals in the world.

Rikoo maintains a stock of over 400 types of beautiful minerals, including nearly all the notable crystals and gemstones in the world: clear rock quartz crystal, amethyst, citrine, ametrine, rose quartz, smokey quartz, rutilated quartz, agate, onyx, carnelian, chalcedony, jasper, calcite, corundum, sugilite, obsidian, rhodonite, rhodochrosite, larima, jade, emerald, opal, ruby, moonstone, tourmaline, bloodstone, tiger's eye, amber, turquoise, lapis, geode, pyrite, malachite, ammolite, fluorite, aventurine, labradorite, amazonite, aragonite, and many, many more. Because of our large stock, and exclusive relationships with mineral/stone suppliers worldwide, we are unrivaled in quality with certain types of stones, Tiger's Eye and Pietersite, for example. At Rikoo we have people whose only job is searching for these stones worldwide. We even have our own purchasing agents in Brazil, South Africa, Australia and Madagascar, which have rich mineral mines.

Rikoo is highly regarded world-wide for its versatility and creativity in the design and creation of amazing works that are completely or mainly made from gemstones and crystals. Rikoo offers the world's largest selection of fine gemstone and crystal spheres, jewelry, sculptures, carvings, crystal skulls and more; with works ranging from artisan to master-craftsman level skill.

We opened Rikoo eBay store, a few months later than the time we launched our official website www.rikoo.com. 3 year later, in November of 2007, we were interviewed by eBay, as Rikoo's U.S. eBay store was acknowledged as one of the most prestigious sellers in terms of both sales and customer satisfaction.

Because of the large demand for crystal skulls, in April of 2009, Rikoo started an offshoot company called "Skullis". Within 1 year of its inception, Skullis altered the landscape of the crystal skull world forever, raising the state of the art to heights never before seen by offering a far finer, multitudinous variety of crystal skulls sculpted from considerably more types of crystals and gemstones than has ever been offered anywhere before. Skullis is now the undisputed leader in the world of crystal skulls. In January 2010, National Geographic Channel visited Skullis and filmed our master artists at work for 3 days on end, and are using the footage for a documentary entitled: The Crystal Skulls: the Truth Behind, which is scheduled to air on the National Geographic Channel in late 2011. Being impressed after seeing our skulls on www.skullis.com and Skullis eBay store, they came to Skullis to have us re-create the most famous (and infamous) crystal skull in the world: the Mitchell-Hedges skull. With data and detailed photographs of the MH skull provided to NGC by the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., our artists were able to do what has widely been stated cannot be done: they created a nearly exact replica of the Mitchell-Hedges skull- as accurate as possible without having the actual skull itself to model it from, right down to the detachable lower jaw.

In July of 2010, Rikoo started another daughter company: Best Pietersite. Best Pietersite owns over 80% of the high-end Pietersite available in the entire world. The offical website is www.BestPietersite.com.

We have come a long way from our humble beginnings- our studio has since expanded to include over 40 artists; many of them masters of carving and sculpting. At Rikoo, what we love most is to create pieces that other companies or artists would not even consider attempting due to the difficulty and complexity of the work involved to produce such masterpieces. We continually improve our capabilities, constantly adding new abilities and specialties to our repertoire. This allows us to create hundreds of original designs of sculptures, carvings, jewelry, home decoration pieces, and even made-to-order, one-off custom pieces; with more and more unique and spectacular designs added almost every single day! If you are looking for the most unique and gorgeous gemstone or crystal lapidary masterpieces in the world, you need look no further than Rikoo and its daughter companies: Skullis and Best Pietersite. Take a look- we guarantee you'll be greatly impressed by what you see.

Below are 5 websites Rikoo owns.

  1. Rikoo.com, the official website of RIKOO, offers everything amazing in gemstones and crystals.
  2. Specializes in the unique, original and amazing works.
  3. Stocks and works with nearly all well-known gemstones.
  4. Offers carved spheres, eggs, rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, broaches, buckles, sculptures (animals, plants, characters & original designs) and more.
  5. The largest selection of crystal & gemstone spheres.
  6. The stunning gemstone sculptures.
  1. Rikoo eBay Store, the site for the ones who are used to shopping at eBay. Interviewed by eBay as one of the most prestigious sellers at US eBay in 2007.
  2. Nearly 20,000 positive feedbacks at eBay.
  3. Less selection of products than Rikoo.com
  1. Skullis.com, the official website of SKULLIS (subsidiary company of Rikoo), offers the finest crystal & gemstone skulls and skull jewelry.
  2. The acknowledged leader in creating and offering crystal skulls.
  3. Offers the most diverse types of crystal skulls, carved from 400+ types of gemstones and crystals, including nearly all well-known gemstones.
  4. Interviewed by National Geographic Channel in January 2011 in the documentary titled Crystal Skulls: the Truth Behind, which will be aired on NGC soon.
  1. Skullis eBay Store, the site for the ones who are used to shopping at eBay.
  2. Less selection of crystal skulls and skull jewelry than Skullis.com.
  1. BestPietersite.com, the official website of Best Pietersite (subsidiary company of Rikoo), offers the best pietersite in the world.
  2. The world's sole site selling pietersite only.
  3. Owns over 80% of world's high end pietersite.
  4. Offers pietersite from both China and Africa, the only 2 origins of pietersite.
  5. Never have you seen so many pictures and videos on so gorgeous pietersite.
  6. Offers pietersite jewelry, spheres, cabochons, rough stones, and many many more.